(Wilderness Site and Baobabs are National Monument)

They were named after the famous painter and explorer Thomas Baines in 1862.These group of Baobabs are known as the sleeping sisters. Baines Baobab overlooks Kaudia Camp Pan on the South side of the Nxai South camp. Although the pans at Baines Baobab are dry for most of the year, the area is transformed into a massive sheet of water during rainy season and the abundance water beds creating spectacles of great beauty. It can be reached by Nxai Pan Turn off.

  • Activities: game drives & maun transfers
  • Facilities: Shower & Pit latrine – no water. What you bring, you take out.
  • Camping Grounds: 3 sites
2015 Rates:
  • International: USD 50.00
  • SADC: USD 30.00
  • Residents: BWP 190.00
  • Citizen: BWP 80.00

Rates Include 12% VAT and P10 per person per night Government Training Levy. kids 0-7 years free, 8 - 17 years are charged at 50% of relevant camping rates!

Park Entry Fees (BELOW) Payable to Department of Wildlife and National Parks

(Per person per day)

Adults (18 and above) P10.00 P30.00 P120.00
Children (8 – 17 years) P5.00 P15.00 P60.00
Children under 8 years FREE FREE FREE
Motor Vehicles Under 3500 kg (Private)   P10.00 P50.00
Motor Vehicles between 3500kg – 7000 kg (Private)   P500.00 P1,000.00
Motor Vehicles Over 7000kg (Private)   P800.00 P1,500.00

GPS Coordinates

Baines Baobab Site 1 - S20 07 13.30 E24 45 40.30

Baines Baobab Site 2 - S20 08 30.45 E24 46 08.89

Baines Baobab Site 3 - S20 08 54.30 E24 46 02.09