Vision: To stirke a balance between ecological, socio-economic and tourism and tourism requirements of the camping grounds and thier surroundings

Mission: Commitment to protect the integrity of this unique enviroment through sustainable and profitable non-consumptive utilization that simultaneously creates employment for Batswana is our primary focus

Policy/Legislation: Xomae Group (PTY) LTD envisages conforming to requiremnts of various agreements and treaties that Botswana is party to.


Xomae Group (PTY) LTD here fort referred to as 'Xomae', is a consortium of five wholly citezen owned companies which have found it in thier best interest to pool their resources together and submit under one flag, rather thatn jostle and fight each other, when the opposition, in form of well-established experience and foreign owned companies. Each member (company) brings a wealth of experience rangin from information technology, enviromental protection, eco-tourism to security.


Xomae Group undertakes to take over management of these facilities from DWNP. Management is therefore understood to connote reservations/bookings, hospitality, provision of security, hygienic upkeep of facilities, proper waste management, provision of company ancillaries (food, drinks, batteries, memory cards, maps, etc). Furthermore, management will entail liaising with DWNP staff on site and all revelant stakeholders.


Operations:Literature (Site Information) pictures, maps with routes, facilities, activities, products and services.


  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. E-commerce
  4. Fulfilment Systems
  5. Securities and Backup